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5 Differences Between CBD Oil and CBD E-Liquid for Vape Pens

Hemp-derived medicinal CBD comes in many shapes and forms, each bringing unique benefits and affecting the consumer differently. Topical CBD products such as lotions are commonly used for conditions like Arthritis, while edibles are typically prescribed for treating symptoms of IBS or other GI issues. 

CBD skincare products could help with acne, while CBD massage oils can soothe muscle pain and neck and back stiffness. 

However, the two products that are often mistaken for one another are CBD oils and CBD e-liquids. 

While both oils and safe CBD vape pens can potentially help treat various conditions, you should never consume them in the same way. They’re different types of products, and if you want to use them safely, you’ll treat them as such. 

So, let’s take a look at what distinguishes CBD oils from e-liquids, and see some of the benefits that they bring. 

CBD Oils and E-Liquids Have Different Bases

In its natural state, after extraction, CBD is a crystalline solid, looking very similar to salt or sugar crystals. So, it needs to be diluted through a carrier oil for CBD e-liquids and oils to remain in the liquid form. The two products have vastly different carrier oils. 

Regular CBD oils have food-grade carriers such as olive, coconut, or hemp seed oil. They’re designed for efficient absorption and digestion. 

Safe CBD vape pens with high-quality e-liquids are different. For the base, they use VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol), or a combination of both. Although relatively thick, these carriers aren’t as vicious as food-grade oils and aren’t intended for ingestion. 

They’re Used in Different Ways

Naturally, CBD e-liquids are used for vaping. They can be efficiently heated and vaporized by your vaping device, then inhaled without a problem. Eating them or using them as sublingual tinctures isn’t advised, however. 

While VG and PG are substances that can be found in goods such as pasta, ice cream, dried soups, and more, those within e-liquids are specially formulated for vaping and shouldn’t be ingested. At the very least, you’ll get a horrible taste in your mouth, and you might start feeling nauseous. 

On the other hand, CBD oils and their food-grade bases are edible. You can take them sublingually, mix them in with your food and beverages, or just place a few drops directly on your tongue. 

But, if exposed to high heat, CBD in these carrier oils will burn. The CBD content will reduce, and you’ll feel a strong, bitter flavor that’s everything but pleasant. So, putting regular CBD oil with food-grade carriers into your vape pen is a recipe for a lousy vape session. These oils are suitable for ingesting, not for inhaling. 

CBD Oil Stays in Your Body Longer 

Many factors determine how long CBD stays within your system. It depends on your age, metabolism, frequency of use, and more. But as a general rule of thumb, CBD will stay in your body longer when ingested than when it’s inhaled. 

When you eat CBD products, they need to pass through your digestive system, and they do so slowly. It can take up to an hour to start feeling the effects of CBD, but the good news is that you’ll continue feeling them for several hours after ingestion. At times, CBD will stay in your system for well over 48 hours. 

That’s why edible CBD oils are often recommended for chronic conditions and ongoing health issues. 

CBD Vape Pens Take Effect Almost Instantaneously

As opposed to the slow-acting edible CBD oils, CBD vape pens are incredibly efficient. Typically, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for CBD e-liquids to start taking effect. 

When vaping, CBD has a free, direct path to your bloodstream through your lungs. It doesn’t have to be metabolized by the liver, so you’ll feel the effects much faster. 

CBD e-juices can be an excellent option for those suffering from unexpected panic and anxiety attacks, sudden pain, and more. 

CBD Vape Pens Are More Convenient 

If you’re looking for a convenient and inconspicuous way to consume CBD, vape pens are the way to go. They’re discreet little devices that can easily fit in your pocket or wallet, and they can be used virtually anywhere without drawing attention. 

With disposable CBD vape pens, you can simply throw away the used cartridges and forget about them. It’s quick, easy, and convenient. You can also opt for reusable pens and get affordable CBD e-liquid refills. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re using CBD oils or CBD e-liquids, you can still reap the benefits of this hemp-derived product. The best option for you depends on your health condition and personal preferences, and it’s in your interest to give both of these products a try before you decide. 

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