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5 Awesome Places to Visit in your trip to Shimla, 2021

Popularly known as the “Queen of Hills”, Shimla takes you on a walk of nature amidst the mystic Himalayas, vast woodlands, breathtaking lakes, and the alluring ambience of the places that will propel you to fall in love with the place if you are someone fascinated by the ancient, histories, colonial riches of Indian you are guaranteed to have a great time in  Shimla as this place is filled with incredible natural splendour and man-made beauty.

Shimla is perched at an elevation of 2,206 meters above sea level; tourists worldwide visit this state’s capital every year during summer and winters.

The best thing about the place is that it has many locations surrounded by utter serene and seclusion. At the same time, this aspect turns out as a downside. However, the array of options available may get confused; thus, we have shortlisted 5 Awesome places to visit in 2021. To plan a trip with us, you may refer to our Shimla tour package

Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

Situated in the soul of Shimla, Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is a 122 years old Victorian architecture; it is considered the most ancient surviving  British structure that Henry Irwin designed. Earlier it was a five-story building, a police office, an armoury, theatre, bar and gallery, but lately, the complex encountered strange behaviour and instability that resulted in the demolition of some parts. However, the gothic-style theatre was left unbeaten. 

This place is open all around the year and you can visit it whenever you desire. But the ideal most time to explore Green Valley is after the months of the monsoons or in the summer months. These are the times when the place features lush greenery. Therefore, the ideal time to visit Green Valley is from February to April and from July to October.

With time the place has been restructured into an Art gallery and museum, so you will have a great time drenching in the architecture of a bygone era. The multi-purpose hall organises tons of Art exhibitions to promote and carry forward the cultural legacy. You may participate in these art and music festivals. However, tourists/visitors across the international boundaries come to cherish the heritage centre. However, you may go sightseeing in the morning while in the evening enjoy the music festival in the soothing breeze of Shimla. 

Johnnie’s Wax Museum

Why travel to London, California, or Los Angeles when you can enjoy a valuable and intriguing attraction amidst the snow-capped hills? Johnnie’s wax museum is nestled amid the enchantment of Himachal Pradesh. Tourists may discover and review Shimla’s historical monuments and rich culture by strolling through the city. By displaying manuscripts, weaponry, and attire, museums enlighten visitors about the history, people, and culture. At Johnnie’s wax museum, you can spend hours witnessing the lids size statues of world-famous personalities.

There are over 16 war statues in the museum that include Famous personalities from Bollywood, Hollywood, politics and sports. For an unparalleled experience, you may visit sky jumper trampoline park and Jakhoo hills to enjoy a beautiful vista located in a serene setting.

Do not forget to shop at Ladakh bazaar that serves the world’s best Himachal shawls, other handicrafts, and jewellery. Entry fees at Johnnie’s wax museum are nominal; you are bound to have a great time exploring the place.


At a distance of 2 km from Shimla, Annandale is one of the UNESCO sites nearby, parched at an elevation of 6,117 Above sea level. Annandale features a beautiful golf course; you may also find a playground and an Indian army museum. It is quite a picturesque place, providing a serene setting to unwind. Visit the Famous army museum to give you a thorough insight into the Indian army; the places are dedicated to the Martyrs. Annandale mainly attracts sport and adventure enthusiasts who want to experience playing goals in the calming ambience of Shimla.

The highest point of Shimla is Jakhoo Hill. It is packed with brilliant looking Alpine trees. The hilltop is flat, the top of which features the recently built Hanuman statue as well as the coloured Jakhoo Temple. It is said to be one of the calmest escapes that Shimla owns. The visitors must be beware of the monkeys of the location as they tend to skilfully rob things and food from the various travellers.

A trip to Annandale is an exceptional delight for the tourists, necklaced with the lush Deodar tree, pine tree, oak tree and many more. If you enjoy hiking up the hills and want to explore the untrodden path will be rewarding. Summers is considered an ideal time to visit Annandale as it allows you to enrich your experience via a magnificent ambience.


Tucked in the lap of the Himalayas, Mashorba is a quaint, beautiful hill station elevated at an altitude of 2246 m above sea level. Besides the alluring panoramic vista, it has ample fresh juicy apple orchids, green oak forests, and a vast woodland of pine and oak trees. It falls under the most idyllic destinations to soak in the tranquil setting and revitalise your soul. You will be delighted to watch birds at the Reserve forest sanctuary. If you wish to deepen your sense of worship and seek blessing at Mahasu devta temple, the temple is dedicated to lord shiva, locally known as Mashobra Devta.

Suppose you are planning to go to Shimla and Mashobra. In that case, you are highly recommended to stop at the elegant presidential retreat, which is stretched over 10,000 square feet and has a distinctive architecture made of wood. Moreover, you will have a good time shopping at the Tibetan Market.

Chadwick Falls

Chadwick falls is an ideal gateway for tourists of all kinds.  This incredible place is encircled by dense forests, lush green meadows, serene waterfalls and enchanting natural beauty warped in the wind of silence. The narrative behind “Chadwick fall” is pretty interesting; the places were officially known as “Chidku jhaar”, which means sparrows on the waterfall. However, it was pretty tricky for the Britishers to pronounce. Therefore, they renamed it Chadwick falls.

The Chadwick Falls is located 1586 metres above sea level, and the water flows down a steep canyon at the height of 86 metres. Summer Hill is the best way to go there this fall. You may simply sit by the waterfall and lose yourself in the serenity of water and are recommended to hear the sound of water mindfully. It would rejuvenate you till the core. Since Shimla is regarded as the queen of the hill station, there is no shortage of the beautiful visit to lay back and unwind.

Shimla, the beautiful capital of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. Especially during the summer months, this marvellous location stays jam-packed with visitors. There are a number of tourist places in Shimla that can be visited on a vacation. It is quite a popular destination for its Victorian architecture, which can be witnessed in a certain section of the Ridge and the Mall. Shimla is also known as one of the ideal places of interest for the honeymooners. The cool and pleasant climate of Shimla makes it a renowned summer retreat. It is nestled at an elevation of around twenty-two hundred meters above sea level. The region of Shimla is a beautiful hilly terrain covered with lush greenery all around. Although this place is mostly visited during the summers there are also a number of vacationers who prefer visiting Shimla in the autumn months owing to the less amount of crowd and the mesmerizing views.

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