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5 Actions That You Should Be Prioritizing Along With Prospecting

While the process of sales has been steadily evolving, one aspect that has remained constant throughout is to sell. Any experienced salesperson will let you know that the two essential aspects of any sales process are numbers and time. What’s more, those two things often go hand-in-hand while we are racing to hit the quota against that clock. But by investing in the right processes, activities, and skills, we can save time and maximize our numbers.

This guide will help you know more about various processes and strategies that are ideal complementary activities to your current lead generation efforts in this dynamic sales landscape. Businesses should adopt these activities alongside sales prospecting — one of the most crucial phases of selling that is often the trickiest.

Customer Retention

Abandoning or neglecting existing customers in pursuit of newer ones is a big mistake committed by several businesses. While customer acquisition is crucial for business growth, meeting the needs of your existing customers is as critical.

A Bain and Company study concluded that a mere 5% increase in retention rates could increase your profits by up to 95%. Compared to new customers, existing customers tend to spend more and are more likely to try your new products or services. Therefore, businesses should work towards nurturing their relationship with the existing customers to build trust and loyalty towards their brand and see their profits increase over time.

Customer Reactivation

Any reactivation campaign aims to sensitize dormant customers. Re-engaging inactive users with custom messaging can be a huge source of untapped revenue that your business is missing upon. Alongside increasing revenues, these reactivation campaigns can also strengthen your existing relations with your customers and give you a competitive edge against your competition.

Database Clean Up

While every customer is different, experts estimate that almost 25% of the database becomes outdated annually. With all the layoffs, changes, and new hires that occurred during the pandemic, there is a good chance that this percentage has increased even more. To reach the right decision-maker, these databases need to be constantly updated. This will improve your database quality, increase overall productivity and help reduce unexpected costs.

B2B Telemarketing

Build trust through personal connections. If you want to discover new opportunities for growth while building your brand awareness and credibility with personalized messaging, then B2B telemarketing is something your business cannot wait to begin!

Since B2B selling is, to a greater extent, a customized way to deal with outbound prospecting, you’ll have the option to warm up your lead and deepen your relationship with them in a more efficient manner. In addition, you can discover consistently if a lead is ideal for your organization. As you can allocate certain call specialists, they can build a rapport with the customer, warming them up for the BDM to bring the deal to a close. This permits your other B2B outreach group individuals to zero in on finding and exploring more leads and grants more assurance on lead conversions.

Lead Qualification

A study conducted by Hubspot concluded that 73 percent of leads are not sales-ready, and 50 percent are qualified but not yet ready to buy. What does this mean for your business? This means that lead qualification is crucial if you want to grow your revenue.

Being able to qualify leads in real-time, right at the beginning of the sales funnel, is the most efficient manner of lead qualification. Not only can resources be wasted on unqualified leads, but they can also be wasted on making lead qualification a long and laborious process. Numerous businesses leave lead qualifying down to their sales teams, implying that they have to spend several hours calling leads that aren’t ready to begin a business with in the first place. Your sales team are specialized individuals, there to make sales to people suitable for your business. With the lead qualification, you will be able to save on resources, identify the most efficient sales and marketing channels, and improve the efficiency of your sales team.

B2B sales can be a tricky process that does not promise a win each time since a buyer’s need is dynamic and will evolve faster than you expect. However, considering some of these short-term and long-term suggestions, you can fairly improve your sales cycle functions.

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