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3 Tools to Run a Remote Testing Team

A remote work environment may seem exciting initially but it has its fair share of struggles too. If you belong to the testing world then there would be complications if you have been working around manual ways. There are automated tools available that allow the team to coordinate and overcome the challenges in a remote testing environment.

Remote Testing Team

Several tools can assist the remote teams in the testing process. There are multiple tools used for various purposes, so before picking the best and effective tools for a remote testing team, one needs to select and chalk out the needs or the work that has to be done while being away from the office.

In today’s challenging times, with this pandemic people have tried to come up with novel and smart ways of carrying out their work while being at home. Particularly regarding the testing of defects in software, initially, it seemed a very challenging task to think of ways to manage the smooth flow of the quality development process. But there is nothing to worry about because defect tracking tools for remote testing teams have been introduced as a rescue.

Defect Tracking Tools

For the virtual teams to manage their work, there are tools and services available in the market. Selection of the right tool meeting the needs of an organization is what matters. For detecting the defects during the development process of an application certain defect tracking tools have built their credibility in the market by continuously providing the best services to their customers. Below mentioned are two majorly defect tracking tools used.

  1. Kualitee

This defect tracking tool has been a saving grace in the QA domain, as it has managed to just not only provide a user-friendly dashboard to conduct tests and fix errors but also is readily available on mobile, which makes it portable and easily accessible to everyone. It also has integrated software with multiple tools that the users can choose from according to their requirements. 

  1. Mantis

Mantis bug tracker (MantisBT)  is an open-source defect tracker that supports all platforms and also integrates third-party plugins to track specific time required for projects. Through Mantis Touch, this bug tracker is also available on Mobile, and the chat option is also integrated.

Team Communication Tools

A few tools for enhancing communication among the remote team members have been given. Communication is a key feature for an error-free work with the best output. Keep the whole team virtually in the loop about the progress and changes throughout the development process is very important. 

  1. Slack

It is a team Chat App which has amazing features for managing smooth communication within the remote testing teams. Comparing and updating work-related queries, assigning new work, informing about changes, and also some communication generally can be done through this tool.

  1. Zoom

One important aspect of working in offices was arranging and attending meetings about new policies, changed roles, and any other work-related topic. With the shift to distant and remote working, conducting meetings and discussions on various critically important topics is also of primary concern.

This aspect can be catered through the tool of the Zoom app, which promotes video calling and conferencing. This tool is currently being used by a huge number of organizations for both educational and business purposes. Virtual meetings through this app can be recorded as well, and not only this, there is also a feature of screen sharing to explain the new agendas and issues more effectively.

Team management tools

Managing the workload and assigning of work to all team members is also something that seems quite a task in a remote work setting. But this concern can also be resolved by using the following tools which help in managing the teams’ productivity and timely work.

  1. Trello

It helps to keep a track of everyone involved in the team and helps in distributing an equal amount of work to reach team members without overburdening anyone.  It promotes agile works and fastens your pace to work in a virtual environment. Deadlines can be declared and work can be uploaded for the team members to keep themselves updated.

  1. Jira

For agile teams working in a remote setting, Jira is an amazing tool with its user-friendly dashboard for maintaining and streamlining the workload for the team. The dashboards not only help the project managers in assigning the work to team members but it also helps each individual to monitor their work progress and see if they are in line with the whole team or lagging. 


This detailed categorization of tools based on different purposes for the remote testing team can be a helpful guide for those who are still finding it difficult to cope up with this new way of working from home.

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