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2021 The Year of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

If you are interested in robots, artificial intelligent computers, or robotic technologies, this article is for you. In this short article, I’ll discuss the definition of a robot and describe some key terms related to robotics. These definitions may be unclear, especially if you have no familiarity with this field. Please spend the time to learn these key terms; the more familiar you are, the easier it will be to understand the future of robotics.

What is a robot?

A robot is a self-contained autonomous system, generally operating inside a human machine, used for performing a task, such as driving a vehicle, making a facial expression, or picking up items. In contrast, artificial intelligence is defined as “computing to achieve specific outcomes” – a task can be accomplished by a computer that is part of an artificial intelligence network. Therefore, both robots and artificial intelligence are related, but they are not the same thing!

How about artificial intelligence in robots and machines?

Humans are superior in the eyes of an artificial intelligence network. Therefore, robots should never be allowed to do any tasks, which would be counter to the stated goal of the AI system. Therefore, any tasks or jobs that are potentially dangerous to humans (for example, driving, picking up dropped objects, walking into a room and stepping on something sharp) should never be allowed in a robotic system. Additionally, the more tasks to a machine has to perform, the more intelligent the machine must be.

Artificially Intelligent

So why do people believe robots and artificial intelligence are going to replace all of the workers in the world? Well, consider if you will that in the past when a machine completed a difficult task far quicker than a human being could, the human being was praised, called intelligent for his or her efforts, and was invited to attend future parties because his or her intelligence level was increased. Now consider that same scenario with artificial intelligence… unless the human is a super-intellectual, no one is going to be invited to join a super-intellectual computer science conference! Therefore, while some people are upset with computers, artificially intelligent computer programs are not going to do nearly as much damage as people are worried about. Therefore, instead of fretting and being depressed over unemployment, worry about what the future holds. This will make you a lot happier in the long run.

Future of Robotics

Is it possible that the future of robotics technology and automation could mean less income for most humans? Well, let’s hope that it doesn’t, because if it does then we will have some serious problems on our hands. What if future humans create a self-replicating supercomputer with all of their intellectual abilities and learn to do nearly all of the work in a self-cleaning fashion? If that happens then it will be a truly

Robotic Systems

It may also be noted that there is already research being done in this area by scientists and perhaps even the military. Currently there are robotic tractors that can plow through sand or mud and drive through tall grass without getting stuck. Additionally, there are researchers that are working on completely automated vehicles that can do everything from unloading ships to picking up parcels at the post office. One day, those robotic vehicles will be used to pick employees up at work and drop them off at their homes. However, if future humans can achieve artificial intelligence, and develop true artificial intelligence, that may mean that we don’t need to have humans in the labor force any longer simply to operate such robotic systems.

In fact, I believe that we may be able to have humans work inside of these machines doing only simple robotic tasks. This would allow a variety of humans to be placed in front of the machines and still perform the same amount of work, and in fact be more efficient and produce more, quicker than machines can. When a machine is capable of performing multiple tasks, then it becomes more cost-effective to use the system. Additionally, if you consider that you can pay a robotic system to do repetitive tasks for you, then the overall costs of ownership of these robots will decline. As more people are able to start using these machines, then the costs will decrease because there will not be as much competition for them.

2021 Year of Robots

Indeed, when robots do the work that is supposed to be done by human beings, then they will become less of a burden. If we take a step back and consider how much it would cost to hire all the new college students that are going to be interested in computer science, then you begin to see just how great an investment these smart machines really are. Perhaps we should start by hiring these robots to do simple jobs so that they will not become a burden in the future. Furthermore, consider all the new business opportunities that will be created when these types of robots are roaming the streets and making our life easier and less stressful. Consider this in 2021.

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