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2 Methods to Access Tally from Remote Location

Want to access Tally from remote location anytime anywhere? Learn the simple ways to manually setup up Tally remote access on your device. You can also connect to Tally ERP 9 from a remote location is through Tally on Cloud Service. You don’t have to worry about the software configuration because all activities will be handled by the administrator.

The Need for Tally remote access

There are a large number of users who wish to connect to Tally from a remote location. By default, Tally also provides remote access with its latest version which is Tally ERP 9. It will help you connect to Tally remotely from anywhere. Remote access to the Tally software will help users to read reports such as profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and journal or stock summary reports without having to be in the office.

“I have been using Tally software for the past 3 years for inventory management. This software is very useful for me to manage sales, purchases, bills and invoices. However, due to Covid-19, I cannot remotely access the Tally software from home. I want to access the Tally software remotely because I cannot physically access the system where Tally is installed. Can you give me a solution on how to connect to the Tally software remotely from my home?”

There are other users who want a similar solution to remotely connect to the Tally software. In this case, you can understand how important it is to understand the process of connecting to the Tally software remotely.

Find out how to access Tally’s manually from a remote location:

You just need to follow the simple steps below to use the Tally software remotely:

Step 1. Create a Tally.Net user ID, then authorize users to remotely access Tally.

Step 2. Follow the path: Tally Gateway> Company Information> Security Check> Username and Password.

* In some cases, security checks are not enabled. Make sure to enable it during the company create / edit screen.

Step 3. A list of users will be displayed. Now create a Tally.Net user and make sure to select Yes in the Allow remote access menu. Remote access to the counting software from anywhere

Step 4. You can use the same password as the Tally software to remotely access Tally.

Step 5. Now, connect Tally to the Tally.Net server from the Tally gateway. Click on the connection option.

Step 6. After a successful connection is established, you can check its status in Tally Calculator.

Step 7. Use the Tally Remote Access feature to remotely access the Tally software from anywhere.

Step 8. On the Company Information tab, select Log in as the option for the remote user.

Step 9. Provide your Tally.Net user ID and password. You will immediately get a list of companies connected to the Tally.Net server.

Step 10. Select your company and click the Submit button. You are now accessing the internally distributed Tally on your PC.

From the above, we can understand that it is very easy to manually access the Tally solution remotely.

But the main problem that arises is data security.

Best alternative to connect to Tally from a remote location

The best alternative to remote user access by logging into Tally on the cloud. Tally on Cloud will allow users to access Tally software on any device, anytime, anywhere. You can easily access Tally cloud software on multiple devices at the same time without any hassle. Use the Tally Online service which offers users unlimited benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Connect and use Tally software remotely from anywhere with reduced internet connectivity.
  • You can connect to the Tally software remotely without creating a Tally.Net user ID.
  • In the case of multiple branches, store your billing data on a centralized server.
  • The single-user licensed version of Tally can be used on multiple devices without any problems.
  • It uses its 8-level security system to protect your Tally data from potential threats.
  • Flexible pricing makes it a perfect choice for small organizations and startups.
  • Automated backup and restore structures ensure your organization doesn’t lose data.

Final words

In the previous article, you learned how users can remotely access Tally accounting software from anywhere without any hassle. You can do this manually, as the Tally software also provides the function to connect to the Tally software remotely. But for security reasons, it is always recommended to try the Tally on Cloud professional accounting service, which provides seamless services.

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