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15 Whitsunday Sailing Holidays Activities You Should Do Tomorrow

The daily routines are becoming really hectic due to the increasing stress and meeting tight deadlines. However, a trip to Whitsunday sailing on holiday would be a perfect choice to make where you can try for the endless variety of activities and have relishing time there. All your adventurous desires can come true in Whitsunday sailing holidays and utmost fun is all you will remember.

If you are visiting Whitsunday for the first time on your holidays and don’t know what to do then we got your back. We are suggesting 15 activities to try on Whitsunday sailing holidays for having a good time.

15 Whitsunday sailing holidays activities everyone should try!

Spending your holidays in the beautiful nature is all you need for getting a break from work stress. There are a bunch of activities that are all about fun and having a good time.


How about trying out something adventurous like sailing around a world heritage listed region.  You will be viewing lush tropical islands, pristine beaches and turquoise waters and the sound of water that is refreshing and soothing. The scrumptious meals on Whitsunday are incredible things to join.

2.  Diving

How about viewing the breathtaking beauty of water? You get to enjoy scuba holidays Whitsundays that will allow you to have exhilarating experiences of the sheltered coral reefs, huge coral structures, challenging swim-throughs, overhangs with fish tropical life, manta rays, turtles and gropers that is a one-time life experience.

3. Sea kayaking

The ideal paddling playgrounds experience can be attained with Whitsunday sailing with a kayak experience. The eco-friendly experience of islands can allow you to see secluded beaches and not so popular inlets.

4.  Exploring

There are around 74 islands on Whitsundays and eight of them are inhabited. You can get to  enjoy the view of the world’s seven natural wonders which is the great barrier reef

5.  Snorkeling

For the people who fall in love with the snorkelling, Whitsunday islands are surely paradise for them. With warm blue water that is crystal clear is clear enough that every subtle colour on the fishtail looks clear.

6.  Viewing ngaro cultural site

The breathtaking cultural site is fascinating to the people who go to the Whitsunday Islands. The ancient rock art left in the natural inhabitants by the ngaro people is great to witness. The painted cave in Nara ilet is a cultural site that has numerous signs of the culture that are fun and exciting to watch.

7.   Going to an island resort

How about wine and dine? Well, Whitsunday sailing offers everything you can try to visit an island resort that will serve great views and scrumptious food which would delight to watch and to eat altogether. Islands such as Hayman Island, daydream island, palm bay resort, hamilton island and many others are great to consider for your visit.

8.  Get on a scenic flight

You can consider spending your special occasion on the Whitsundays or just enjoying your holiday by doing something little extra. You can be picked by boat and taken up above Whitsunday islands on a scenic seaplane flight. Whitsundays can help you to enjoy self-pampering.

9.   Exploring Airlie beach

One of the most fascinating sites for tourists to visit in Airlie beach. For different age groups with different budgets, you can enjoy plenty of things. Airlie Beach offers playgrounds and lagoons along with pools for kids. The jet ski tours, scuba diving Whitsundays, aerobatic plane flights and nightlife are some great activities that adults can try for.

10.   Bushwalking

For the fitness freaks, bushwalking is the ideal activity to try for. To enjoy a completely different perspective of the Whitsunday island and witnessing south molle and hook island, bushwalking is the ideal activity is a wonderful practice.

11.   Cruising with loved ones

Choosing for cruising with loved ones would be something great activity you can enjoy.

12.   Fishing

You can try out fishing as the Whitsundays region is the heaven region for it. It is a great place for both novice and expert both thanks to the large variety of tropical and subtropical species in the waters. 

There is no way you end up empty-handed. In addition, there is no need for the recreational fishing license for enjoying fishing in Whitsundays islands but make sure you are thinking to prohibit fishing in the protected areas.

13.  Day trips

The day trips on the islands of Whitsundays would be something great to enjoy. Celebrating your great day on Whitsundays would be a great way to make your day memorable certainly.

14.  Feel the comfort

You can just consider relaxing on the Whitsundays to enjoy your break from work.

15. Reef tour on top

Trying reef tour on top would be an exciting experience certainly.


Whitsundays is surely an ideal place to choose for enjoying your holiday and get a break from your work. In addition, the activities mentioned above would be really fun to try and allow you to have an exhilarating experience. If you also want to make your holidays better, consider going through our official website to understand the offers that would be fun for you.

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