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10 Smart Ways to Save Money While Travelling

Travelling doesn’t have to be a luxury that you have to save for years, but you need to organize your finances. As advised by the financial consultancy Adulting, we share nine travel tips to save and travel more. So take note and start planning your dream vacation.

1. You would think that the most important thing is the destination; however, it is possible that everything will be cheaper if we choose the date first. Statistically, it is proven that it is cheaper to travel in May, September and October. Consider these months as your first option.

2.  Plan, plan, plan. When we leave everything to the last minute, the possibility of booking and buying expensive and bad is very high. Therefore, one of our tips to save and travel more is to plan. First, define how many days you have to travel and what kind of trip you want. Also, consider what climate or landscape you are waiting to see and if you go alone or with someone.

3. You may often think about saving up but don’t end up doing so and before you know it, all your money is over. Be smart and set up a savings account where every month a part of your salary gets deducted. You could open a recurring deposit where a fixed sum of money gets cut every month from your account for a set period of time. This will definitely help you save up more and spend less on things you probably don’t need.

4. Without a doubt, the airplane is a very important part of the budget. One of the tips to save and travel more is to look for flights at least four months in advance. Statistics say that on Tuesday afternoon and early morning, air ticket prices are more attractive.

5. Location, location, location. Hosting is where you can save the most if you want to. For this reason, we recommend that, if you go alone, without a doubt, hostels will be your best option to save money. If you go as a couple, you can divide the expenses of the accommodation. Remember that many times being well located in a no-frills place can seem a little more expensive. However, in the long run, if that saves you transportation and time, it will surely be a better option at the end of the trip. Be sure to consider camping; lately, it has become fashionable and with very comfortable facilities at very attractive prices.

6. Consult travel sites and apps that help you find the best options. If you see an offer, check if you can reserve it and cancel it later. This way, you can gradually ensure your accommodation and regret it if necessary!

7. What do you need for the place you are going? If you are planning a trip that requires special equipment, such as going skiing. One of the tips to save and travel more is that you do not buy that type of clothing but rent it. Simply put, avoid spending on something that you probably won’t wear again.

8. Travel is a great opportunity to make the most of your points and benefits that you have accumulated on your credit cards. Before booking hotels or buying your plane tickets, seek advice to take advantage of your cards and points. We know it’s annoying, but take a few minutes to call your bank and ask what benefits you have.

9. Take into account the currency of the place you are travelling to. If it is a national trip, surely you can budget easier, how much you need to spend. But if it is in another currency, try to find the places with the closest exchange rate you use in your country. It is advisable to have a cushion of money while you go about planning your trip. Thus, when your destination’s currency goes down, you will already have cash available, ready to seize the moment. And if you don’t know where to change, without a doubt, the exchange houses at the airport and downtown are a better option to do this, instead of the bank or the hotels.

10. And what to do first? Start with the plane ticket, then add the other expenses such as lodging nights and your daily meals. Remember to check travel sites like Tripadvisor to help you calculate the average cost of food for the destination you plan to travel to.

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