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10 Most-in Demand MBA Specialisations

There are multiple career options for a business graduate. If you want to enhance your career prospects, it is important to stay ahead of the competition by learning the latest business management concepts. Master of Business Administration (MBA) has a profound effect on your employability and job prospects. Wondering how to grow by opting for MBA courses? In the article below, we have prepared a list of most in-demand MBA specialisations to help make an informed decision for your career.

  • MBA in Data Analytics: Most businesses are moving towards hyper-automation. An MBA programme in Data Analytics helps students learn about ways to filter and evaluate data to generate valuable insight.
  • MBA in International Business: This is a two-year degree suitable for professionals who want to learn about international trade.
  • MBA in Marketing: This programme deals with the advanced study in market research and analysis, providing you with a better understanding of the target audience. It also involves elements of product design, pricing, promotion, selling, distribution, and advertisement.
  • MBA in Human Resource Management: The course focuses on the provision of information and instruction to practitioners who will be responsible for managing an organisation’s resources efficiently. You will learn to build and manage the culture of their business and attract and retain the best talent.
  • MBA in Energy Management: A two-year degree in this course will help students learn more about the energy sector and how to preserve the environment. The programme will give a thorough understanding of the technologies, economics, and legalities of the sector.
  • MBA in General Management: It is a course that adds leadership and interpersonal skills to your resume. Students pursuing this specialisation are well-versed with skills such as decision-making, critical thinking and managerial abilities making them a perfect choice for recruiters.
  • MBA in Transport Management: Logistics are imperative to businesses that serve products and services. An individual who opts for this course will gain the ability to identify bottlenecks and create better and efficient transportation of products/ services.
  • MBA in Artificial Intelligence: Businesses now are highly dependent on AI, which presents an opportunity to communicate ideas that are even more relevant to the audience on a micro-level. This course will train professionals who are capable of harnessing this technology to creating value.
  • MBA in Rural and Agri-Business: This course turns an aspirant into a proficient in the context of agro-based business and rural economic development. A postgraduate in rural and agri-business can look for job opportunities in the food processing industry, agriculture financing and rural banking.
  • MBA in Communication Management: Communication is an integral part of a successful business, as it leads to better decision-making. Through this course, students will get training on verbal and non-verbal communication required in an organisation.

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Honey Sriwas is an entrepreneur, blogger and marketer. He's also the founder of The IT Musketeers, a leading web development and marketing agency.

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